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i kid with ikea.

This is a very cool site that engages the consumer with the product. Check out IKEA’s Embrace Change interactive site. Very timely.

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mixin’ maven.

I found a new site to tinker around in and it’s so cool I just HAVE to share with you all. is a site that allows you to take a portion of your favorite song/audio file and turn it into a ring tone.

I now have my company’s wonderful new jingle as my ring tone whenever anyone from the company calls!

Enjoy. I know I am.

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who knew, hulu.

Forget tivo, you got hulu. Popular content (hit shows, commercials, video, etc.) are on Forget YouTube, hulu’s video play quality is superb. 

Check it.

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rise of the shadow media.

Several weeks ago, BusinessWeek columnist Jon Fine shared a term in one of his predictions for 2009 that was intriguing because of how it describes a growing phenomenon in media today … the rise of the shadow media. The shadow media are the professional journalists, writers, editors and thought leaders who have been displaced either by choice or necessity as part of the upheaval that traditional media has been going through over the past few years.

It may seem like a stretch to refer to all of this as “shadow media” – and indeed some of these classifications are artificial to start with. But regardless of what you call these new sources of news and information, the indisputable fact is that in 2009 there will be many social media examples to point to where the quality is as good if not better than traditional media sources. So if you’re working in a communications role and you’re not yet focusing on social media … consider the shadow media phenomenon your wake up call to start in 2009.

Original post at Olgivy’s Fresh Influence Blog.

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expectations management.

I once read from a self-proclaimed “guru” for marketing that you should never say ‘no’ to the customer and that they like hearing you say ‘yes’ all of the time. I was dumb-founded. What rock was this person living under?

Customer happiness and experience is the bread and butter to return business, and this is how you get there.

The first is set expectations. Hear what your customers want and see if it is logical and reasonable. If so, let them know you can do it and execute. So when you set that expectation that it can be done and you met it, voila- your customer is happy. If you go beyond they are ecstatic.

Now say your customer’s request is unreasonable, unrealistic, and unfair. Your job then is to help educate them on why you cannot and what you can do provided xyz is met. You then reset their expectations and when you meet it (when xyz is met), your customers are happy. When you go beyond they are ecstatic.

In the scenario where you need to bend over backwards to just be a “yes ma’am” to your customer – there is no relationship or loyalty built. The next person who can do it better to their satisfaction, they’ll leave you. In the scenario where there is dialogue exchanged to set expectations, and the agreement is met and honored, there is loyalty.

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project yourself.

I saw this on G4 and then did a research and to my pleasure, found quite a few products in the market. Can you just now see your sales force carrying portable mobile phone devices that project up to 64″ across? No more dragging the clunky projector with your laptop to sales proposals!

All kinds of projector phones.

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2009 consumer trends.

This from one of the sites I read,

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