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i value the devalue speech.

Wow. A new one was given to the Prime Minister of the UK by journalist, Daniel Hannan on how the PM continues to spend and borrow the country further into debt. This is classic constructive criticism. Classic.

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via the recession.

Now this is something admirable. Rather than lowering its price on core products, Starbucks introduced a new product for the recession to combat lower-price competition. 

What was once known as a step-child in the gourmet coffee business, instant coffee is gaining new grounds with brand giants such as Starbucks. Via Ready Brew, Starbuck’s newest line, is intended to capture price-conscious consumers who would otherwise go for lower price competitors such as Dunken Donuts or McDonald’s. 

Via ” offer[s] time-strapped Starbucks loyalists a chance to stretch their dollars and sustain their Starbucks brand consumption frequency.”

Check it out!

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Each time I talk to my cousin, Andre, I am just amazed with how creative he is and what he’s been able to accomplish in his life. Andre comes from San Fancisco and as a young man decided to chase his dreams of doing something grand for fashion. 

Today, he has worked for major design houses and traveled around the world- working at shows for Prada, Versace, Marc Jacobs, and many more. I am so proud of him- I just had to share with the world. 

Check out his website. Just launched so expect a lot more in coming months. 


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