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consumer, meet manufacturer.

I wonder how services like this would ultimately affect retailers like Walmart and Target? products is a web service that allows you to manage your home product essentials online, keeps track of your inventory, reminds of you when your product is running low, find coupons for your products, and ships for free.

It’s like having your personal shopper and housekeeper rolled up into a single service.

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mj the brand.

Michael Jackson was indeed a brand icon. Harvard Business School’s contibutor, John Quelch, wrote on the things which made MJ a brand icon. Specifically:

Start early. Michael began entertaining at the age of four.

Let go. Jackson went solo in 1972 at the age of 13.

Break out. Jackson was a multidimensional entertainer.

Get help. He often acknowledged the inspiration he received from James Brown, Diana Ross and other artists.

Be visible. The moonwalk that we could all try to imitate. The glove. The uniform. Neverland.

Go global. Jackson’s music and videos easily transcended national boundaries, as well as race, age and gender.

Crown yourself.  Jackson christened himself “The King of Pop.”

Be vulnerable. Jackson was quirky, eccentric, mysterious.

Give back. Some 39 charities benefited significantly from his support.

Die young. When a brand icon is torn from us prematurely, unexpectedly, it figures even larger in our collective memory.

Full article here.

About Author: John is a non-executive director of WPP Group plc, the world’s second largest marketing services company, and of Pepsi Bottling Group.

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tag, you’re it.


Wow, this is one the coolest thing I came across in a long time! Dutch brand, Taga, launched an eco-bike that is convertable. Meaning, from biking or strolling with your kid to pushing your child around a store.

The Taga bike switches from bike to stroller mode in 20 seconds. Now that’s convenient and innovative! Check them out.


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flats to go, please.

Now here’s the ticket! I could use these at each corner of the city and all hot spots. Clever and can’t come fast enough in the US of A. This is a vending maching in the UK, which provides flats for $8 USD. Nice.


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become the king of bluff.

One in a while you come across something so funny. This one is pretty clever. It’s by Live Poker and the campaign is “Become the king of bluff.” Enjoy!

kob1 kob2 kob3 kob4

See the whole campaign here:

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more power to the wind.

This is one of the most clever ads I have ever seen. Check out this 2008 winner.

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