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Great utilization of outdoor advertising beyond the confines of the given space. Pricey, but awesome. I wouldn’t be able to use shockervertising, but I just love the message this drives for a gym!


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if i was art.

Sometimes I wonder if I could ever get a whole gallery dedicated to art work of me? Narcistic? You betcha.


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streetie graffiti.

I am not a fan of defacing other’s properties, but this artist’s work really caught my eye. Identity unknown, “Banksy” produces art that are often satirical on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics. Banksy’s work derived from the Bristol (UK) underground scene and has been seen throughout the world.




Famed for his provactive work, Bristol Museum collaborated with Banksy on an exhibit that showed the end of the world as he sees it. You won’t see him on opening nights signing autographs since he functions under anonymity. Brilliant work. I also included a link from Wikipedia as there’s so much to share.

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leak speak.

I love it when I see innovative ways to get the message across to consumers. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!



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going to market.

I thought I’d write this since some of my friends who find themselves newly single forgot how to get back into the “market” for “prospects”. So here is a parallel between marketing and courtship I’d like to emphasize to my friends:

  • Think about yourself as an overall product. What do you have to offer that is more compelling than your competitors? What is your FAB (features, advantages, and benefits)?
  • What is your market share strategy? Is it to obtain the most market share as possible, or is it to be as profitable with a niche market share? If you go for the mass, your profit margin is lower and you’ll require more volume to make up for that profit. Or you can laser focus on a niche market and focus on getting the maximum profit from this niche?
  • Are you making yourself visible to your target market, or are you just hoping they will miracleously appear or come through word of mouth? What is your awareness strategy to your target market? And vice versa, are you constantly where your desired market is not?
  • Word of mouth and testimonials make it easier for your prospect to make a purchase decision. Do you have a program in place to constantly solicit for testimonials and word of mouth recommendations? Remember that as much as a third of your business could come from referrals. Have you worked this network?
  • With regards to what you are providing as a product, how are you pricing yourself? Will you hold steady on what you feel the product is worth or will you desparately discount your price because you are reacting to slower times?
  • Remember that once your prospect decides to move forward in the purchase decision, how are you retaining that customer to keep them engaged and loyal? How have you been executing your brand promise?
  • Are you constantly building your brand equity?
  • Do you have a program to reward your most loyal customers to let them know how much you appreciate their business? At the end of the day, it’s about customer loyalty.

I hope this helps shed light on the game for those going out to “market”. Enjoy!

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the price is right.

Let’s face it, most businesses are struggling with profitability. Faced with reduced volume or traffic, businesses make knee-jerk reactions and immediately lower their prices, in hopes of recovering profitability with more volume. Granted, business where consumers are price sensitive will fare better in these tough times, but when your product is a high value product- you should think about your long term growth strategy.

This is from an oldie, but goldie, article from Harvard. Some highlights:

  • Price cuts now may affect your company’s profitability when the upturn occurs
  • When economic storm clouds gather, trim your production levels, postpone expansion plans that aren’t absolutely vital to your future growth
  • Remember the big picture
  • Price cuts not backed by cost reductions often lead to competitive counterattacks, which erode profitability
  • Adjust your sales goals
  • To encourage your sales team to not discount, incent them on contribution to profitability and/or customer equity, not just on sales volume
  • Successful companies have CEOs who are very involved with a well-developed pricing strategy at the beginning of the strategic process, and who empower pricing managers to be tyrants about the execution of that strategy

Read full article here.

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Wonders and musings by Christina Gunn. Also, a collection of some of the most innovative minds in strategic marketing to invoke action and collaboration.

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