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hot pocket.


Now this is one hot pocket. It’s not the obvious where it helps predict your banking account’s balance based upon trends and actuals, it forecasts what you can expect to see if you remain on the same spending/saving pattern.

This is predictive analytics coming to the mass market. I wonder how much longer will we have consumer ready (and free) tools such as this for our businesses without investing in business intelligence and analytics solutions?

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the lines, the watch, and the wardrobe.

blog_fashionplateHave a closet full of nothing to wear? I have this issue and I came to the conclusion that there’s so much everywhere, in storage, and everywhere else – I am unable to fully view all that is in my inventory. Ever had a situation where you bought something, only to find you had several versions of it but you simply forgot because it was out of sight and out of mind?

Fret no more. Fashion Plate is my latest online obession. Like how the technology oenophiles are used by wine enthusiasts to keep track of their wine, this is an online wardrobe management system. Part flicker, part social network, part rating, part personal stylist/shopper, and part critic – this site allows you to inventory, supply and receive feedback on outfits, purchase some goods, and play with outfit combinations.

The only thing left is for you to customize your avatar to match your ever changing size. Check out their website at

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