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This is too funny not to share. Organiza

This is too funny not to share. Organizational Charts | Bonkers World

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Google+, an answer to Facebook. What’s

Google+, an answer to Facebook. What’s under the surface is the battle over how to make content “discoverable”.

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Facebook Is Quietly Testing First Major

Facebook Is Quietly Testing First Major Redesign in Over a Year. Looks like more prominent ad placements?

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still space for MySpace.

It’s really interesting to me about what’s happening with MySpace. Once bought by Newscorp for $580M is now rumored to be sold for less than $30M. What would you do if you’re the buyer? Here’s what I think is salvageable.

The SEO ranking for artists’ pages are still phenomenal. This is a huge attraction for brands as they want to be ranked high on search engines. While Google still command a large portion of the search market, this will always be a factor advertisers care about. The SEO itself is worth transforming to other revenue generating business models.

The word “myspace” has a great brand potential. Once hailed as a social network brand, this can actually be rebranded to an online dashboard for users to manage their online life. Can you imagine going to “yourspace” ala “myspace” and have everything in one easy dashboard that is plugable and widget friendly? Think dragging and dropping your Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, Calendar, Email, Messaging, Search, Weather, Pandora, etc.., within your dashboard, so affectionately called “myspace”. Yes, it’s your space.

So while the current business model is defunct, there still is value in bridging the SEO strength along with a user-centric dashboard to bring online engagement and customization to the next level. Perhaps the future of search is not where people go to search (ie. Google or Bing), but where search comes to the users via their space.

As long as online/mobile use continues to be a part of a person’s daily life, there will always be a need to further the user’s online/mobile experience.

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Apple Final Cut Pro X is out but cannot

Apple Final Cut Pro X is out but cannot open previous projects? Uh-oh.

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Ten Brands That Will Disappear In 2012 h

Ten Brands That Will Disappear In 2012

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Yahoo approaches Hulu about possible acq

Yahoo approaches Hulu about possible acquisition –

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