Profileintro. As a proven marketing professional, I am often approached to head up new marketing organizations as well as privately consult with public/private entities on strategic marketing. I believe a good part of this is my business development and revenue generating abilities, as well as my approach towards working with people to build a significant market presence. Wouldn’t it be absolutely terrific if we can collaborate on something great?

professional bio. I was the Vice President of Marketing for a leading K-12 online engagement software company, THiNQ Ed. I lead the company’s strategic evolution in branding, influenced product innovation, and acted as a change agent to transform the company’s product offering mindset into a brand engagement culture. THiNQ Ed was recently acquired by a larger company, well poised to launch the brand to the next phase of its lifecycle. I now dedicate my time as a consultant to help selected small businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs develop or revamp their marketing strategies.

Prior to joining THiNQ Ed, I served as Vice President of Marketing for California Family Fitness (a family fitness chain that caters to the family niche), Director of Marketing for WorldPass Travel group (a global tour operating company in all consumer lifecycle stages), Global Engagement Manager for Intel Corporation, and Board Member of Natomas Chamber.

I also serve as a volunteer on the Marketing Committee for Hope Productions Foundation. Hope is a non-profit, dedicated to teaching local youth non profits how to “fish” for the long term. These organizations learn to manage their business, conduct marketing, raise funds, and thrive in the long term. In exchange for their education, Hope commits to providing funds raised from their events. I also provide marketing services, pro bono, for a new non profit each year to help establish their brand story and revenue mission.

personal mantras. The French sure know what they mean when they say “La Bonne Vie” (“The Good Life”)! Whatever the situation is, I try to make the most of it by enjoying myself, being a delight to others, and simply relishing in what I have been given. Life is beautiful. Be lifted! 

favorite quotes. “Always and in everything, let there be reverence.”  |  “Vision without execution is only a dream.”  |  “Rub some dirt on it.”

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