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the mvps.

It seems MVPs are awarded to players on teams who demonstrate the most value to the team’s success. This may not be the top scoring player, it may be the best defensive player against the most feared competitor. Like sports, brands in marketing are also evaluated for its significant contribution to an organization’s market might. The linked below are the world’s 100 Most Valuable Global Brands.

Top 100 Global BrandsCourtesy BrandZ

It’s a great read and I’ll summarize for some of you busy marketing execs on the 15 take-aways on why these brands are where they’re at:

  1. Invest in a strong brand
  2. Build trust
  3. Use heritage to create authenticity
  4. Deliver on the experience
  5. Make it personal
  6. Move from philanthropy to responsibility
  7. Go multi-channel
  8. Don’t ignore social media
  9. Think mobile
  10. Adapt your brand to the BRICs
  11. Don’t forget your business customers
  12. Offer value and price will follow
  13. Tackle the own-brand challenge
  14. Take a position
  15. Brand leadership comes from the top

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consumer, meet manufacturer.

I wonder how services like this would ultimately affect retailers like Walmart and Target? products is a web service that allows you to manage your home product essentials online, keeps track of your inventory, reminds of you when your product is running low, find coupons for your products, and ships for free.

It’s like having your personal shopper and housekeeper rolled up into a single service.

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Wonders and musings by Christina Gunn. Also, a collection of some of the most innovative minds in strategic marketing to invoke action and collaboration.

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