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solar sensation.

solar glassIn celebration of Earth Day, I thought I’d share some unique and innovative ways companies and individuals are using eco-friendly solutions to solve everyday problems. From organic couture clothing to shared vehicles, this is one of my favorites. Peer+ provides glass for homes and buildings which takes in solar energy. The energy collected then is used to manage the lighting controls (natural light, dim light, privacy) for the glass. It even has the ability showcase a logo.

Now think about the eco-friendly ways you can use to build your new buildings! In addition, what a great way to leverage this technology to promote events and information on your glass! Check them out.

Peer Smart Energy Glass

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curb appeal.

I found Curb’s work whilst perusing the ‘net for innovative branding and advertising solutions. This company uses natural earth elements to create bespoke pieces to national advertising campaigns.

Clients such as Puma, Nike, ING, and Budweiser are all part pf this ‘sustainable’ messaging movement. The work I felt that generates the most buzz is the “clean advertising” whereby the ad is “cleaned” onto dirty surfaces such as roads, walls, and high foot traffic areas.

Highly effective for publicity stunts and earned media. Check them out:

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