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i value the devalue speech.

Wow. A new one was given to the Prime Minister of the UK by journalist, Daniel Hannan on how the PM continues to spend and borrow the country further into debt. This is classic constructive criticism. Classic.

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rise of the shadow media.

Several weeks ago, BusinessWeek columnist Jon Fine shared a term in one of his predictions for 2009 that was intriguing because of how it describes a growing phenomenon in media today … the rise of the shadow media. The shadow media are the professional journalists, writers, editors and thought leaders who have been displaced either by choice or necessity as part of the upheaval that traditional media has been going through over the past few years.

It may seem like a stretch to refer to all of this as “shadow media” – and indeed some of these classifications are artificial to start with. But regardless of what you call these new sources of news and information, the indisputable fact is that in 2009 there will be many social media examples to point to where the quality is as good if not better than traditional media sources. So if you’re working in a communications role and you’re not yet focusing on social media … consider the shadow media phenomenon your wake up call to start in 2009.

Original post at Olgivy’s Fresh Influence Blog.

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